MADD Ottawa Brings Mind Control to Local Youth

MADD Ottawa is sponsoring Mind Control, this year’s multi-media assembly show produced by MADD Canada, at 6 area high schools for the 2006-2007 school year. The shows will be taking place the week of September 18.


MADD Ottawa speakers provide riveting testimonials about the real life consequences of impaired driving. Audiences are heavily impacted by the harsh reality of these heartfelt presentations. Testimonials can be arranged by completing a Speaker Request Form. Download the request form.

Seed Funding

Is your school starting up a new OSAID group? If so, MADD Ottawa provides a $50 start up fund to support injury prevention activities in the high schools. OSAID groups may use the funds to purchase incentives, for recruitment of members or to implement various awareness and prevention activities. The startup funds will be assigned to the OSAID teacher advisor. Complete the Seed Funding Application and submit it to the chapter.

Not Ready To Go

MADD Ottawa, in conjunction with the City of Ottawa, Drugged Driving Kills program, has provided complementary copies of the Not Ready to Go video to all area high schools. It is the hope of MADD Ottawa that as many of our local youth can view this video to witness first hand the consequences of impaired driving caused by drugs and/ or alcohol.

Not Ready To Go chronicles the events of 14 friends returning from a party to celebrate the end of the school year, and who became involved in a multi-vehicle crash just outside of Perth, Ontario in 1999. The teens were heading home in a four-car convoy when one car pulled out to pass on a straight stretch of highway and struck a pick-up truck, which was towing a trailer with a car inside. The subsequent chain of events left five Ottawa youths dead. The two occupants of the pick-up truck were seriously injured.

This video underscores the importance of not driving while impaired in addition to the very important message of not getting into a car with a driver who has been drinking or taking drugs.

Red Ribbon Campaign

Spread the important message of Safe and Sober driving this Holiday Season to your school community. A MADD Canada Red Ribbon has become an “all seasonal” symbol of safe and sober driving. It also pays tribute to the victims of impaired driving. Red Ribbons can be distributed to other students, staff and parents in your school community. A red ribbon can be tied to a vehicle antenna, rear view mirror or key chain. They can also be tied to a school bag or a locker. Some students have been very successful at distributing the red ribbons at parent-teacher interview night. Make sure you have the permission of your school Principal first and call the office to get your complementary supply of Red Ribbons.